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Farmsave is a world's first online agricultural brokering platform, servicing Farmers in sourcing Broadacre agricultural chemicals.

Breaking the industry norm, our service model gives you the ability to shop for your Agricultural Chemicals from the comfort of your own home.

Acting as a broker our program will find you the best prices from a range of suppliers and arrange delivery of goods to your local depot or on farm. Your quote will join many others and collectively give Farmsave the bargaining power to drive down pricing and get you the best deal.

Our services come at no cost to you, so there is no harm in giving us a go.

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Product Enquiries
Glyphosate Volume Traded

What is the FPI?

The Farmsave Price Index (FPI) is a live record of the prices successfully brokered by Farmsave on our clients behalf.

Giving you an insight into the depth of the market the FPI allows you to see what Farmsave can do for you.

Farmsave Price Index

Product Trend Price
Clethodim 240 IBC Log In
Paraquat 250 Log In
Ester 680 Log In
Glyphosate 540 Log In
Glyphosate 450 Log In
Trifluralin 480 Log In
Chlorpyrifos Log In
Propiconazol 250 (110) Log In
DFF/ Bromoxynil 275 Log In
Simazine 900 WDG Log In
Atrazine Log In
LVE MCPA 110 Log In
DFF plus MCPA 275 Log In
Wetter 1000 Log In
Triclopyr Log In
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Of course not, we're just here to give you the best options

How does shipping work?

Our supplier will take care of shipment and will deliver to your nearest depot. Farmsave will notify you when product is ready for pickup

Tell me about the types of product?

All the products traded by Farmsave are products you can find in any rural shop only cheaper

How soon can it be shipped?

Normally the supplier will ship the same week as your order is placed

How does Farmsave make money?

Farmsave makes small commission on product sold from supplier. What we quote is what you pay

Can I make an offer on a product?

Sure you can Farmsave is happy to relay your offer


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